It’s No Joke: Brands Beware the April Fools Trickery

A few years ago, I got this wild idea of creating a funny post on my work Facebook page. At the time, I was still doing social media for the Sheriff’s Office and we were trying to find ways to make sure people were being smart during the holidays and staying safe. I had justContinue reading “It’s No Joke: Brands Beware the April Fools Trickery”

Size Matters! Image Sizes for 2021

In the social media world, image size matters. If anything is going to catch a user’s eye while they are doom scrolling, it’s going to be a snappy image. Who wouldn’t want to stop and look at that photo of the adorable puppy, smiling and playing in the kiddie pool? And as a content creator,Continue reading “Size Matters! Image Sizes for 2021”

What’s In My Media ‘Go’ Bag

I was preparing for Hurricane Irma and taking into consideration the things I learned from Hurricane Matthew, I made sure that I had a laptop from the agency so I could have access to SJSO materials freely. I was also handed a MiFi internet box as well. I put it in my media bag alongContinue reading “What’s In My Media ‘Go’ Bag”