It’s No Joke: Brands Beware the April Fools Trickery

A few years ago, I got this wild idea of creating a funny post on my work Facebook page. At the time, I was still doing social media for the Sheriff’s Office and we were trying to find ways to make sure people were being smart during the holidays and staying safe. I had justContinue reading “It’s No Joke: Brands Beware the April Fools Trickery”

Is Free Speech Really Free?

This bill effectively censors your individual speech to law enforcement. What would be next? What you could say to the Mayor? Congressmen and women? Your neighbor? What if they make it so you can’t speak at all when you leave your house? This might sound like an exaggeration but at the rate, things are going… one can never be too sure what will happen. 

Social Media and Common Sense

I don’t know when common sense became not so common. Perhaps it was lost when people starting using the whole “first amendment rights” to validate the really hurtful and negative things they say. Maybe it happened when we started teaching an entire generation that they don’t need to take responsibility for themselves and that theyContinue reading “Social Media and Common Sense”