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While the company is based in North Florida, we work remotely and have partners all over the country. Our team has extensive experience in various parts of communications and social media, including both the public and private sector.

No matter what kind of assistance you are looking for, Socially Awkward Communications has someone on the team who can assist you.

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Are you looking for assistance in bringing your company’s communications to the next level?
We may be able to help you.

We work to customize our packages to meet all budgets and companies of all sizes. At Socially Awkward Communications, we firmly believe that all businesses, large and small, should have the help they need to reach all audiences through digital and social media. We’ve been the little guy, and it’s because of the little guy we started this company.

Digital and Social Media

It’s a monster out there, and it takes more than your teenage daughter who knows how to use TikTok to manage it. We can help you find your audience, cater your messaging, get their attention, and keep them coming back for more while also monitoring your analytics to make sure you keep it right.

Crisis Communications

Whether it’s a natural disaster or a public relations faux pas, making sure you get the exact details right is key. We can assist your team in making sure they get it right or speak on your behalf. Our ‘Brain Trust’ of professionals have been through everything and know how to help you manage every emergency imaginable.

Analytics and Research

So many terms, so many definitions. What’s important and what’s not? Give us your analytics reports and we’ll give you a review of how your pages are doing and research how your competitors are doing as well, then show you how to manage it on your own. Or, we can take over the analytics reporting for you. We can also research specific demographics and help you cater your messaging so you target exactly who you want.

Writing Assistance

Whether you need a ghostwriter, someone to help you launch your newsletter, or tips on how to get more people to see your blog, We have a team of writers who would love to help. Brainstorm with us and we could give you some fresh ideas and some different avenues you hadn’t thought of.

Education and Training

We offer the kind of training and education that’s backed by how communications REALLY works: with years of experience to back it up. If you want real, in the weeds training and education for your team that will train them to be professional in the face of all kinds of trolls and still prepare them for any emergency that could possibly come their way… this is the team to bring in.

Come talk to us and let’s see how we can work together.

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