Size Matters! Image Sizes for 2021

In the social media world, image size matters.

If anything is going to catch a user’s eye while they are doom scrolling, it’s going to be a snappy image. Who wouldn’t want to stop and look at that photo of the adorable puppy, smiling and playing in the kiddie pool? And as a content creator, you want that image to look it’s best: no only with the best lighting and the best colors, but the right dimensions for the platform you just posted it on.

That’s why it’s so important to on point with the latest updates each platform releases when it comes to image sizes and dimensions. It seems like they are changing all the time nowadays, and what works for one platform is not going to work for all of them.

Thanks to Hootsuite’s latest article, we now have the 2021 image sizes for the most popular Social Media platforms, all in one useful Infographic. Below is just one of the many graphics they have shared in their blog, and if you are posting regularly on a brand or agency page, I highly recommend checking out their post. It has vital information on graphic sizes that will help make your content POP.

And remember: Size matters. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

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