The nickname is entirely satirical.

She got the nickname because while she exudes nothing but confidence and professionalism in her work, she’s actually quite the awkward one when left to her by herself to meet new people in a crowded room. Once she become friends with you, however, her extroverted side comes out and she’s everything you’d expect from a social communications pro.

Go figure right?

Jamie is a media professional obsessed with social media and photography who wants to find fun and engaging ways of keeping people informed by generating conversation in an open forum. She simply asks that everyone please, mind their manners. There is someone reading your comments, and they too have feelings.

With an out-of-the-box creative outlook, she’s best known for her innovative ideas that challenge the status quo. She engages audiences with a quick wit, making them want to come back to any page she is working. When under pressure in a fast-paced crisis, Jamie goes the extra mile to make sure her audience is well informed, and she assists them with their needs – strengthening the relationship between audience and brand exponentially.

Mrs. Johnson has 17 years of experience in traditional and new media, with 8 specifically in social media. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Jacksonville University and her Master’s degree in Public Relations from Purdue University. She also has certifications in Strategic Communications and Post-Crisis Leadership.

Jamie believes in hearing both sides of every story before making an opinion, and she always wants to fix a problem before dissecting what caused it. Her primary concern is customer service: she goes out of the way to assist any member of her audience in any way she can. 

A “Jane of all trades,” she has the ability to do it all: photography, videography, design, writing, analytical reporting, and event planning; and she can use all these skills to help grow your audience, your reach, and your brand. Add to that her experience in handling crisis situations, both natural disasters and public relations, she can assist you in any possible situation.

But that’s enough of her professionally.

Personally, Jamie enjoys writing fiction, listening to music very loudly, petting all the dogs, and spending time outside. She enjoys the beach although she doesn’t get there as often as she likes, and she’s working up to getting back into running.

At any given time, you might catch yourself on the receiving end of a West Wing or Supernatural quote to something you said as those are two of her favorite shows. Her sarcasm and humor always tend to bring levity to a tense moment, and she always goes out of her way to help out when assistance is needed.

You can find Jamie on multiple social media channels here:

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